AMP March Fitness ChallengeWe’ve reached that time of year when people start to abandon their New Year’s resolutions, so we are here to give you that motivational boost to continue to work on the fitness goals you made just a few short weeks ago.

It’s time for our first big MyZone Challenge of 2015!

The goal of our March Madness Challenge is to empower you to see that your vision of a healthier life is possible by handing over the reins and putting you in charge. Throughout this challenge AMP Fitness will be here to show you the path and provide you with the tools you will need to make your fitness journey a success.

Be warned … there will be some insanity and madness will ensue as we drop some “crazy bombs” during this challenge. Through it all we want you to remember to have fun and  challenge yourself to improve on you. As you know we promote an overall healthier lifestyle, so some of the challenges may not be fitness related.

So let’s get Lean & Mean in 2015!

The March Madness Challenge will be set up in a bracket format. We will start on March 1 with 16 challenges for you to complete over a seven-day period. We will reduce the number of challenges — but raise the difficulty — each week for a four-week period. If you make it all the way through your bracket and into the Championship round, you will be given one final challenge with the chance to earn an extra 1,000 MEPs.

All the challenges can be done at home, or you can choose to complete some of them during your workout sessions when you come into AMP. Just let your coach know which challenges you want to do so they can add them to your exercises.

Click here to print out your challenge bracket.

This challenge is intended to be fun so we hope you enjoy it. We ask that as you work your way through the challenge to post your progress on any social media sites you frequent so we can all follow along — and if you know of anyone who is looking to start living a healthier life, invite them to participate with you.

On a side note, if you are feeling ambitious, maybe you’ll follow the lead of Tom R. and commit yourself to burning 1,000 calories (or 500 calories for females) every time you step inside the gym. Tom’s goal this year is to burn a minimum of 1,000 calories every time he comes into AMP Fitness, and he has already inspired others to do the same.

Many of our clients have done a great job with staying the course and have been rewarded with it on the scale! Barry N. has lost 26 pounds in the past 90 days, while Paul is down 15 pounds. We also would like to mention that a new member of our family, Jennifer W., has already lost five pounds in just her first month of work. Way to go Jennifer!

If you happen to see Tom, Paul, Barry or Jennifer, let them know how good they’re doing in their journey to health. Keep up the good work everyone!

Good luck and let’s jump aboard this crazy bus!