You’ve just completed an awesome workout, but feel as if you should do just a little bit more before hitting the showers.

Why not try a finisher?

Finishers are short (10 minutes, and often shorter than that) exercise routines that you perform after your workout is already over. As a high-intensity, short-duration routine coming after you’ve already completed a full workout program, finishers are a great way to push yourself to your absolute limit.

Utilizing a finisher program adds a metabolic element to your workouts, thus creating an EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, informally called afterburn) effect within the body. By challenging you to perform at a high intensity for such a short duration, finishers rev up your metabolism to help your body burn fat better and longer.

The best way to use these finishers is to choose one routine and add it to the end of your workout. Don’t add more than one to a given workout because you increase the risk of breaking down, getting injured and not enjoying your workouts.

Today we’ll look at four “one-and-done” finishers that will allow you to focus on specific energy pathways (anaerobic or aerobic) and overall conditioning.

  • Bear crawl for 8 minutes: This is one of the most challenging ones out there. You probably won’t start to feel it until the halfway point; then you’ll REALLY feel it! Go as far as you can in one direction before turning around and heading back.
  • 10 kettlebell swings on the minute for 6–12 minutes: Start the timer and complete 10 kettlebell swings. Rest until 1 minute total is up. Finish your next set of 10 swings, and rest until 2 minutes have passed. Repeat for 6–12 minutes, depending on how you feel.
  • 12 burpees on the minute for 8 minutes: Similar to the kettlebell swings, start your timer and complete 12 burpees. You have until 1 minute has passed to rest, at which point you start your second set of 12 burpees. Repeat for 8 minutes.
  • 100 meter sprint on the minute for 8 minutes: This will be a challenge for even the fittest athlete, if the sprints are run fast enough. If you are just beginning, start with 50 meter runs at 80 percent of your top speed. Gradually build up with each successive workout, and in no time, you will be faster—and more in shape—than you have been in a long time!

Remember that not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone, so be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program to avoid or reduce the risk of injury.

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