During the month of November, AMP Fitness will join with MyZone users around the world for the MyZone Global Challenge.

Every MEP that you earn during the month will not only get you closer to achieving your fitness goals, but will also get you closer to cash prizes!

All you have to do is earn MEPs like you normally do and you will automatically be enrolled in the Global Challenge. (If for some reason you wish to opt out, you must respond to the Global Challenge email that you received from MyZone – we are not able to do it for you.)

During the challenge, if you earn 1,300 MEPs you will receive one raffle ticket and be entered into the prize drawing. You will earn one additional ticket for each additional 100 MEPs earned after you break past 1,300 up and will continue to ear tickets up to 5,000 MEPs.

Did we mention that there are prizes?

  • $2,000 for 1st ticket draw
  • $1,000 for 2nd ticket draw
  • $500 for next 14 tickets drawn

Here are a few tips, courtesy of MyZone, no how to earn additional MEPs next month:

Have a plan

A game plan is essential, it makes the difference between a great workout and a waste of your time. If you want to earn your MEPs effectively, plan out in your mind exactly what you want to accomplish and which pieces of equipment you plan to use. If you are stuck for ideas, just ask your personal trainer for suggestions – we’re here to help.

Switch it up

Don’t get stuck in a rut doing nothing but treadmill and weight training. Go for a run around the track. Grab a kettle bell. Go for a bike ride. There are endless ways to earn MEPs and getting stuck in a rut can lead to boredom or burnout–keep things fresh by trying new forms of exercise!

Get to work

Now that you’ve got your plan, and you’re determined to earn as many tickets as you can–just start! There is nothing worse than a plan that is never executed. Our prizes require a lot of effort, and whoever wins any of the prizes will truly feel that their effort was rewarded.

For more information on the challenge, visit myzone.org.

Good luck and be sure to share your progress on our Facebook page using #MZGC2015.

(Photo courtesy of MyZone)

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