AMP Fitness Ann VI had been a member of a local gym for the past few years, working out three to four times a week with a goal of being healthier and becoming more toned.

Although I put many hours a week into my exercise routines, I still did not see the results I was hoping for. At 57 years old, I did not think that hiring a personal trainer was for me. Even though I had seen the positive effects my two daughters had while working with Larry as a trainer, I believed it would be very difficult to achieve my goals, even with a trainer, because of my age.

When I brought my concerns to Larry, he assured me that by working with him as a trainer, while also keeping a detailed log of my food intake, it would be very possible for me to accomplish the results I was hoping for.

The first few training sessions with Larry were difficult and challenging. While Larry modified the workouts to where I felt comfortable and capable, he continued to push me to my potential. Larry’s sincere interest in my workout goals are evident as he tailors the workout routines to the areas of my body that I would like to change, while continuing to keep my interest with a variety of exercises.

After just eight months with Larry as my trainer, I saw results that I would never have achieved if I was working out on my own. His dedication to me as a client has made me even more aware of the importance of nutrition and the value of a challenging exercise routine.

March 20, 2017 admin ,