Burpees are a deceptively simple yet effective full-body movement that can raise your heart rate quickly, burning calories, building muscle and increasing cardiovascular fitness. No special equipment is needed and you can do them virtually anywhere you would do a workout.

These are just a few of the reasons why burpees are a go-to favorite here at AMP Fitness.

A burpee is done by following these simple steps:

  • From a standing position, drop down vertically and place both hands on the ground on either side of the foot.
  • In one clean motion, take both feet back, so you are now in a pushup position.
  • In one clean motion, bring the feet back to between the hands.
  • From the bottom position, rise up tall and return to a standing position. Some trainers will have their client leap up as they do this.
  • Repeat.

Remember that the quicker you can perform a series of burpees, the more benefit you will see from the exercise. Two to three sets of 15 reps will work your arms, legs, glutes, shoulders and core.

Even if you are unable to do a full body-weight burpee, it can be modified to fit your needs. For example, with a box burpee, you can perform the exercise with your hands on a low stable surface such as a bench – the goal is to gradually decrease the height of the surface until you can do a burpee with your hands on the ground.

I know how much everyone loves doing burpees and so it’s my turn. On Aug. 7, I will attempt to break the world record for most burpees performed in a minute. There are a few technical requirements to be aware of, and I explain what these are in the accompanying video. The steps are generally the same as outlined above but there is no leap at the end.

Will I break the record of 46 burpees? I hope you join us to find out.

Larry Tedor
AMP Fitness
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