Taylor M.

Taylor Morehouse AMP

My two-month journey with AMP Fitness has had lasting effects. I started unable to finish many basic physical activities without getting easily out of breath. I had done cardio workouts before, but I was not used to any resistance training. Monitoring my heart rate helped me to see how hard I was working and consistently push myself.

The trainers are amazing, and the workouts keep you interested and motivated!

I am so proud to say that I have lost 15 pounds and I now make time for working out each week. I have gained muscle and I am better able to complete difficult workouts.

I am so happy I took this step to jump start my health! Thanks AMP Fitness.

*Individual weight-loss results may vary.

Robin H.

Robin Amp Testimonial photo

As I approached my 40s, I had grown frustrated with the difference in my appearance and loss of self-esteem.

A friend recommended AMP Fitness with 100 percent confidence, and now I do as well.

The initial sessions involved physical training, but also explored long-term and short-term goals. Diet, previous injuries and exercise history are incorporated into the individual plan.

I am close friends with two other clients at AMP, and we all have different plans coordinated by Larry Tedor and the staff. We have all been thrilled with the results of our hard work.

I know I am one of many clients that would encourage anyone trying to make a life change to try AMP Fitness. It will help you achieve your goals.

*Individual weight-loss results may vary.

Brittany W.

Brittany Woodruff After Pic 8_14

After injuring my knee three years ago in a marathon and struggling with recovery, I found myself about 30 pounds heavier and mentally I felt weak.

With my outdoor summer wedding looming in three months I felt a resurgence to begin training once again with a visual goal of looking fantastic in my wedding dress. My eventual goal would be to return to marathon form.

I started out slow, working out with Larry Tedor twice a week and then building up to three 60-minute sessions a week. Within two weeks of training I felt energized when I usually would have felt sluggish, and I started noticing changes in my overall shape within the first month.

I started to modify my eating habits and the pounds started to melt off. My wedding came and went and I was so happy and addicted to the changes I was seeing, I’ve kept up my training with Larry and continue to be impressed with how fresh and tough each workout is. Training with Larry is not only helping me loose the extra weight and reach my full potential as an athlete, but my sessions also provide me with a fantastic outlet for the usual rigor and stress of daily life.

I recommend training with Larry to any person who is dedicated to physical and mental health, and is willing to push themselves outside of their usual fitness comfort zones to try new techniques, While they will always be tough, the will more importantly prove to be exponentially rewarding — in the mirror and in the mind.

Thank you very much AMP Fitness!

*Individual weight-loss results may vary.

Ann V.

AMP Fitness Ann V

I had been a member of a local gym for the past few years, working out three to four times a week with a goal of being healthier and becoming more toned.

Although I put many hours a week into my exercise routines, I still did not see the results I was hoping for. At 57 years old, I did not think that hiring a personal trainer was for me. Even though I had seen the positive effects my two daughters had while working with Larry as a trainer, I believed it would be very difficult to achieve my goals, even with a trainer, because of my age.

When I brought my concerns to Larry, he assured me that by working with him as a trainer, while also keeping a detailed log of my food intake, it would be very possible for me to accomplish the results I was hoping for.

The first few training sessions with Larry were difficult and challenging. While Larry modified the workouts to where I felt comfortable and capable, he continued to push me to my potential. Larry’s sincere interest in my workout goals are evident as he tailors the workout routines to the areas of my body that I would like to change, while continuing to keep my interest with a variety of exercises.

After just eight months with Larry as my trainer, I saw results that I would never have achieved if I was working out on my own. His dedication to me as a client has made me even more aware of the importance of nutrition and the value of a challenging exercise routine.

*Individual weight-loss results may vary.

Frank C.

Frank Cawley After Pic

A little more than five years ago, I decided it was time to do something about the shape I was in. Never in my wildest dreams did I think about what a difference a personal trainer would make!

With a membership to a local gym came six free sessions with a trainer, so I figured why not? That is where I met Larry, who is as determined am I. Larry immediately made a difference and we blew past my original goal of losing 10 pounds in the first six months, finishing the time by being down 20 pounds!

I felt great and with Larry’s dedication to helping me meet my goals it just kept getting better. Now, after five years and 40 pounds, I couldn’t be happier about continuing to work with him and his team, and continuing to improve with new goals to reach and exceed.

Thank you Larry!

*Individual weight-loss results may vary.

Mark S.

Mark Sanderson Testimonial Picture

I have known Larry for five years. We meet when he was assigned as my personal trainer at a fitness facility in Richmond Heights. He has conducted my weekly workouts ever since.

What makes Larry unique, as compared to other trainers I have worked with, is he has always conducted a well-thought-out routine. His workouts at AMP are designed to maximize the time we are together, but are not too much, so I can still move the next day. I have never had an injury under his guidance.

Now he has evolved into an even-better experience.

AMP features a highly trained and qualified staff who follow Larry’s dedication to the customer. The facility also has high-tech equipment, specifically by using the MyZone cardiac-monitoring and record-keeping system. I feel like I am in the Fitness Center on the Starship Enterprise.

Thanks Larry!

*Individual weight-loss results may vary.

Amie S.

AMP Fitness Amie S

When I was looking for a personal trainer, my friend told me about the trainer she had hired to help her get into shape for her wedding. She told me that he offered Buddy Sessions where you and a friend can work out together and that he offered a pretty good rate. She invited me to come to a workout with her to see how I liked it.

Well, after that first session I knew it would be worth it so I signed up. After about six sessions I could already see a dramatic difference in the way my core and upper-body looked — specifically my arms and shoulders were looking ripped!

Right around the time I started working out with Larry, I was also able to start running again, so I had a double whammy kick start to my fitness comeback. I had never lifted weights or worked out with a trainer seriously before I started at AMP Fitness and I can honestly say that I have been impressed with the results.

My metabolism is definitely higher and, since I wanted to focus on building strength in my hips and legs for running, I added another day with Larry during the week to focus solely on strengthening those areas. Again, I was more than impressed with the results!

After a little more than a month I could tell that my stamina during running was improved. I also have more strength during longer runs and I’m confident that if I keep this up I’ll be back to where I was before the IT band injury within just a few months!

I love our workouts because we aren’t in a stuffy gym and each workout is a lot of fun!

*Individual weight-loss results may vary.

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