So how does one go about training for a burpee challenge? I’ve been scheduling my workouts on five consecutive days followed by two days off. I base my level of intensity on two factors: the MyZone heart rate monitoring system and my VO2 max.

MyZone uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor physical activity during my workout; I wear a chest strap, which uses telemetry to deliver data to the system. A monitor continuously displays my heart rate, calories and time exercising. MyZone uses five color-coded Heart Rate Zones to establish the effort exerted based on the user’s maximum heart rate. The effort is expressed as a percentage of that maximum heart rate:

  • Grey = 50 percent to 60 percent of the maximum
  • Blue = 60 percent to 70 percent
  • Green = 70 percent to 80 percent
  • Yellow = 80 percent to 90 percent
  • Red = 90 percent to 100 percent

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VO2 max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption that can be attained during the most intense exercise possible, and each person has an optimal training zone, sometimes referred to as a target heart rate. While the charts that are often found on exercise equipment show a target heart rate, those are actually just averages based on age and weight.

A VO2 Max test, however, measures your precise target heart rate based on anaerobic threshold, then calculates individual target intensity zones. These zones give you the precise heart rates necessary to optimize each level of exercise and maximize your results.

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The first couple of weeks of my training I will be focusing on maximizing my aerobic capacity by performing more cardio-based exercises to increase my speed. After that I’ll increase the amount of resistance training I perform. Every workout, however, will include time on the stair climber.

At the beginning of each week, I also try to focus on large compound movements — such as deadlifts, dumbbell step-ups, single leg box squats and single leg plyo step-ups —  before moving on to single-joint exercises.

Larry Tedor
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