AMP March Fitness ChallengeHello Everyone! Are you ready for spring? I know I’m ready for some sunshine! Well maybe our March Madness MyZone Challenge can keep you warm until then.

I know some of you had some great questions about the challenge and I think I answered most of them, but in case we missed some, here’s a quick rundown of the challenge.

Q: How come I haven’t received my MyZone challenge invite?

A: This particular challenge is not a MyZone challenge. There’s no requirement to join this challenge. As always, AMP Fitness tries to think outside of the box and keep things fresh and innovative.

Q: Do I have to do all 16 exercises each day?

A: No, you have seven days to complete the 16 items listed on the bracket.

Q: What if I can’t do a burpee because knee hurts?

A: You can modify any exercise in the list if needed. You should not have any pain while working out. If you need a modification to any exercise, please ask you coach.

Q: What’s a “Tabata Mountain Climber”?

A: During Tabata training you perform a particular exercise for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds, repeating the cycle eight times.

Q: What if I don’t own a jump rope?

A: That’s OK, you can always simulate the exercise as if you had one. Also, if you can’t jump up and down due to knee issues, you may modify the exercise to marching in place or performing High Knees.

Q: Why do you want me to share my progress on Facebook?

A: Posting your progress on social media is motivational for both you and others, as they see how well you’re doing and can show their support. Feel free to share with your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors. Any form of sharing is fine.

Q: I have to only drink 6 glasses of water for an entire week or earn 150 MEPs?

A: No silly! Good catch though! It should read Drink 6 glasses of water for a single day and Earn 150 MEPs for a single day.

Q: I’m ready to go! Where can I download the bracket?

A: Right here!