Kim Wolff has been a certified personal trainer for two years, having obtained her personal training certification through both the National Personal Training Institute of Ohio and The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Since beginning her personal training career, Kim has worked with a broad spectrum of clients with many different health goals, including weight loss clients and those battling the daily challenges of diseases and disabilities. Her specialty is primarily focused on functional training.

Kim’s motivational skills, support and understanding, along with her own life experiences, have led her down the health and fitness path. Kim takes great pride in helping others reach their health and fitness goals, and truly understands the many struggles her clients can face during their transformational journey, which sets her apart from other trainers.

Prior to becoming a certified personal trainer, Kim spent her life riding horses and competing in three-day eventing. She then became a client at AMP Fitness and fell in love with the healthy lifestyle. She was inspired to become a personal trainer so she could help others find that same passion and pride in themselves.

Every trainer at AMP Fitness works to provide clients with the knowledge, motivation, dedication and desire needed you to transform their bodies, while leading them toward a more productive and healthy lifestyle.

  • NPTI
  • NASM