Larry Tedor is the owner and operator of AMP Fitness, a personal training fitness center located in Beachwood. A certified personal trainer and certified nutrition consultant, Larry specializes in training individuals for weight loss and building lean muscle.

Larry’s passion for fitness stems from his time as an elite runner in high school and he has been involved with personal training for more than five years. He loves to work with all age ranges, especially clients who have special needs, including back, knee and shoulder injuries. His attention to detail is apparent during training sessions, as he focuses on using the proper biomechanics to ensure the best results.

Larry’s philosophy of, “if you want something in life, don’t wish for it, work for it! Life is too short to wait,” is apparent in the work he does as a fitness professional, personal trainer, lifestyle fitness coach and nutrition consultant.

Larry earned his personal training certification through the National Personal Training Institute.

Every trainer at AMP Fitness works to provide clients with the knowledge, motivation, dedication and desire needed you to transform their bodies, while leading them toward a more productive and healthy lifestyle.